“Everything terrible is something that needs our love.” Rainer Maria Rilke

 My series is built on a personal mourning experience. The title of the series is the opening sentence of the film White God, and it is based on the whole film. Last summer my fourteen-year-old husky, Shaman, got sick with the babezia. 

After 1 week of struggling I knew it was over here. The moment when I had to say "yes!" to the veterinarian, maybe was one of the hardest and most sorrowful “yes” I had ever been pronounced. To see how the soul of the body of an animal gets off and nothing else is left than his corpse, his dead body which I had to take up from the ground, with the weight of the fourteen years spent together, was a hard and decisive moment that burned into my head forever. 

I was very angry on myself and humanity. Ever since this happened, I saw him a lot of times in my dream. Last year it happened that I fainted and I saw him. 

So my pictures show alternatives to a kind of spiritual encounter. I'm looking for answers to the questions why can we rule all over the world? 

Why are we better than an animal? Why can't we be equal? In our rapidly globalizing world we forget that we are not only the ones on this earth, everything is related to the other...