After being 20 years as an only child, i have been gifted with a halfsister. Through my photographic work I observe and document this new period in my life. Watching my sister’s growth a plenty of childhood memories returned. 

The photographs are actual physical memories, evoking stories, truths and lie.

Can I be a part of this new family? When do we belong together and when do we distance ourselves from each other? Will we be good sisters when she grow up? I am looking for answers to childhood memories, family relationships through my pictures. In this case, photography is a tool to help us forge a closer relationship, between my sister and me, and my mom and me. Family is a fascinating subject, I was always interested in, I took photos of my dad, my mom my grandparents but I never jumped into it, until my sister came to my life. 

This is an ongoing project.  My plan is that the outcome will be a photobook.