Hiding behing my skin

In 2020's spring time quarantine was a journey in my mind. I have an ¨unrecognizable skin problem ¨. I spent approximately 10 years of my life to figure out what my problem is. I have been many times at doctors, beauticians and nobody could help me with a real solution...This year I was on medication to solve this problem. Unfortunately, these pills caused a lot of harmful effects I struggeled with. 

Quarantine time for me was a so called ¨me time¨. I managed to accept and to love myself the way I am, and I started not to feel the depression in my stomach that I'd rather stay at home than go out with people to show my face. To be ashamed of how you look is very difficult. The last picture in my series is where I washed off my make up, because finally I felt more beautiful without make up than with make up on my face. 

 This personal documentary series helped me a lot. 

The torturous emotions in my stomach still comes up sometimes, but now it is easier to love myself again rather than hate myself. It's a journey. It's hard but it's worth the time you spend on your own. 

Now that I am undertake and publish this series, it's also a relief, release.